As everything around us is going digital, a website is required for every business. Website designing has become a major profession as the demand for the website is increasing rapidly. Websites have various types and the most common method of creating a website is, WordPress.

There are people who think that the task of creating a website is a cakewalk, but is it so? No, not at all as you have to create the website in such a way so, that your user gets good landing page experience. Many a time a question is being seen arising and that is why to choose WordPress for creating a website? The answer to these questions will be given here.

According to a recent study it is found that almost 29% of websites use WordPress and the number is increasing day by day. There can be enormous ways to design a website on, but what you get from WordPress is not available on any other option.

I am developing and designing websites for a decade now and so I have compiled a few reasons why I choose WordPress for the task:

Search Engine Friendly:

When you develop or design a website you get it designed to become visible in the search engine. To rank on a search engine you need to have a search engine friendly website, which you can achieve by having your website on Word press.

Easy Customization:

An amazing looking website is what gives a user good landing page experience. To give an amazing look to your website it is very important to have customization option. If there is any way of having easy customization for your website, then it is none other than WordPress.

Plugins and Themes:

Plugins and themes work as the base of a website and this is where WordPress keeps you a step ahead. There are enormous themes available from where you can choose one that fits your need.

Security Access:

Security is the most important factor for anyone and so if for your website. Who wants to compromise with the security of their website? When you choose to go with WordPress you get the top-notch security for your website. With time this dimension of WordPress is becoming stronger and so no other options can beat it here.

Open Source CMS:

Every website is not free to code or easy to access, but WordPress allows you to do so. Using open CMS is not harmful, rather WordPress is amazing in terms of security of your website. WordPress code is really an easy one to download and use, that makes all your task easier.  

Hope these above-mentioned tips will help you in understanding why choosing WordPress for your website is beneficial for you. I learned about these advantages by using WordPress for years and thought of making the task easy for you.

Make sure whenever you go for any website make sure you plan your website properly and get it done on WordPress. Hurry up get your website designed and expand your business on the digital platform!

Alex Coomb

Alex is fascinated with “understanding” people. It’s actually what drives everything he does. He believes in a thoughtful exploration of how you shape your thoughts, experience of the world.