The internet is changing and growing rapidly over the past ten years. All the new technology has changed the look and feels in the web design trends. In a few years plans, patterns have pushed towards rampant imagination and surrendered the old grids and traditional photographs for energetic representation, striking shading plans, and amiss designs.

With every changing year, innovative progressions have prompted websites getting to be more astute, with machine learning and unobtrusive cooperation, and those who are moving standards of driven plan and patterns. In 2019 website architecture patterns will see the other side of the coin, style and innovation will reach the point where no one expected it to be.

Here I will explain the top five web design that will trend in 2019:

Responsive Design:

Responsive web design will make web page good in terms of look and will also give the best experience for all the users in all devices.

In 2019 responsive web design is a very essential tool for anyone who has a digital presence. With all the growth on the web designers is creating more responsive web pages which will respond to the type of device it is being seen through. With responsive web design, the site consequently modifies dependent on the device on which the viewer sees it in.

Integrated video:

Have you ever went on a website and suddenly a video stated on that website?

Come on man. You know you have!

And you might have started watching that video for a minute and two (No Judgements at all)

People love videos it can capture your attention very quickly. And it urges individuals to stick around and invest more time on the website. In 2019 creators and designers carefully curated short recordings or animations as an incorporated design plan. These video headers are at the top of websites and animated characters showing the item as a major aspect. These little, startling videos will charm and draw in watchers, making an agreeable client experience for them and higher SEO results for your business.

Mobile Friendly Version:

All around the world, internet traffic from mobile is growing rapidly. Cell phone browsing has officially surpassed desktop computers. Today, such a significant number of individuals shop, search, study utilizing a smartphone.

Creators were getting befuddled by watching just how precisely would we be able to get a decent menu, submenu, alongside submenu onto a screen? Presently, due to the superb smartphones and UI configuration has developed.

Presently, like never before, clients draw in with brands and websites through cell phones. Gone are the days when you just expected to concentrate on making an outwardly engaging site for PCs or work areas. Your website should be responsive, and it isn’t just about the change from the work area to portable. Your website needs to sparkle crosswise over gadgets like the smartphones or a nook tablet and responsive website composition (RWD), guarantees it does.


Typography is more than being comprehensible and engaging. Furthermore, successful typography figures out how to accomplish two basic goals one is to make a suitable situation and empower clients to confide in the site and then to ensure guests get the basic message that the site is passing on.

Typography is basically a beautiful art of arranging the text and making it more appealing when displayed. Playing with textual styles would be gambled on the off chance that you neglect to pick.

The depth and 3-dimensional illustration:

Previously 2 dimension design was used in websites but now with the time and growing trend changed everything in the web design new depth and 3D elements are introduced in web design.

The web design is developing and changing towards creating shadow, depth in dimension and adding new 3D elements to make the web page more attractive and eye-catching which is essential in the web site for the business.

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